Friday, November 4, 2016

6 Months!

How have 183 days passed since we welcomed our sweet baby into this world?

Seriously, someone please explain that to me.


One hundred and eighty three. Days!!!!!!! Unreal. Well, technically 204 days  (183 is exactly 6 months) because this blog post is totally late (slacker mama here!). Let’s face it, he is basically now closer to seven months than six. (Now I’m sobbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


I can’t even begin to explain how fast these first six months with our precious Jason Leo have flown by.

I am unwilling to accept the fact that my little baby won’t be a little baby forever. ;))) Boy, am I going to miss these sweet baby moments when they are long gone. I just want to bottle up every adorable baby sound Jason makes, his gummy grins, those pudgy thighs, his super soft baby skin, and that contagious belly laugh that I love so very much. Even his snotty nose (since starting daycare it’s like we have a perma-cold/cough around here). Jason is just the best.


^^So this is what it’s like trying to get a photo of Jase + Oliver. It looks mostly like this — me wrangling both of them and trying to get them to simultaneously sit still. Basically trying to work a miracle. Lol. Thanks to my sister Kristi for helping us snap a few photos!^^


^^Always on the move. And ALWAYS trying to grab stuff.^^

Anyhow, at SIX MONTHS our adorable little bunny…

…Officially started crawling (after a month of bear-crawl-style-standing and trying oh so hard to get the coordination down to really get moving) and is now a super speedy crawling machine (even fast enough to dump Oliver’s water dish over if we aren’t on our game.)

…Is making more and more adorable baby sounds every day. I’m pretty certain his first words are right around the corner! (Spoiler Alert!!! The teachers at daycare told me he said “mama” three times last week – which is technically past the 6-month mark, so I’ll save the “official” post for seven months if we start hearing Jason say it too! And let’s not lie, I have definitely “practiced” “MA-MA” with Jase WAY more than “DA-DA”.)

…Wants to touch and feel E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!! If he can get his hands on it, he will. Period.

…Has tried a bunch of different baby purees, but I’d say his top favs at six months are pears and bananas! Fruit in general has been a huge hit!

…Loves jumping as hard as he can in the exersaucer…which is not necessarily meant to be a jumper, but Jason apparently didn’t get the memo.

…Is still a SUPER fan of bath time and thinks it’s hilarious to kick and splash in his cutie whale bath.

…Is mesmerized by Oliver and tracks him in and out of a room whenever possible (and given the chance, Jason also LOVES sneaking in a pet or two when Oliver is nearby.)

…Wants to stand SOOOOO bad. I think we are going to have a walker by 9 months, whether we like it or not!

…And TEETH!!!!!!!!! OMG, we went from just the bottom two (that came in at 3.5 months) to now a third toofer (the top right of his two front teeth!).

Happy SIX months sweet baby. xoxo.


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